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About Mental Health

Please take a moment and send a message to Senate today!

The Senate is discussing health reform and may take action soon. They have a decision to make: protect mental health care or make devastating cuts to Medicaid.

Medicaid is the foundation of our community mental health system. It is the main provider of mental health services for people with serious mental illness.

Many in the Senate want to cap Medicaid (a fixed amount of federal funding per person). If Medicaid is capped, it will be harder for people to get psychiatric medications, case management and mental health services. And some people will lose their eligibility for Medicaid.

Simply put, Medicaid caps would DEVASTATE mental health services.

Capping Medicaid would be a move in the wrong direction and push people with mental illness into costly emergency rooms, hospitals and jails.

We need more coverage for mental health care, not less.

Act today. Tell your Senators to take Medicaid caps off the table and protect mental health care.

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NAMI is nonpartisan. We support policies that help people with mental health conditions and their families.

NAMI is here for you.