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About Mental Health

Don’t worry, he is still very much alive.  5 years ago, we adopted Stanley from Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida, Inc. He was already year old at the time. The rescue company did not have any information about his previous owner or why they surrendered him. The first time we met him at his foster home, he was sleeping on top of their dining room table. They called his name and he didn’t budge so we went over to him instead. He was very sweet, gave lots of kisses, then jumped off the table and trotted to the front door. We took that as a sign that he wanted to come home with us although, it’s entirely possible that he just had to pee. It only took a few days for us to feel confident that Stanley was not the slightest bit aggressive, or overly rambunctious. He was great with Karma (our other Golden), got along with our cats, gentle and incredibly tolerant with kids, and he absolutely loves to cuddle. Plus, he was alread
y housebroken!