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Cara Delevingne Says Depression Made Her Suicidal


Find out how she learned to cope.

“I got to the point where I went a bit mad. I was completely suicidal, I didn’t want to live any more,” says supermodel Cara Delevingne in a new interview about dealing with depression. It’s an admission that’s pretty powerful, as one of the most harmful things about mental disease is the silence and stigma that surrounds it.

Diagnosed with depression at the age of 15, Cara opened up about her struggles with the disease in an interview with fellow Brit actor Rupert Everett at the Women in the World Summit.

The 23-year-old was candid about how even though her life appeared picturesque, she was far from happy, saying, “In our culture we are told that if we are beautiful, if we are skinny, if we are successful, famous, if we fit in, if everyone loves us, that we’ll be happy. But that’s not entirely true.” She also reveals that the pressure to please everyone, especially her parents in regards to school and her grades, was overwhelming. And becoming a top supermodel didn’t help either.

What finally did aid in Cara’s recovery and ability to better manage her depression was a combination of opening up to close friends, like fellow supermodel Kate Moss, and a combination of therapy and anti-depressants. She also gives big props to her yoga routine and just writing out her feelings. “It was like, I would write and I would read what I’d written, and it was like someone else is talking to me…it was like, ‘What? Is that how I feel?’ It was a very strange experience,” she says.

Cara hopes that her admission will shed light on mental disease and let others out there who are suffering know that they’re not alone. You’re in good company.