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  • *Please note that you will receive a call to confirm your eligibility for the program. You are not confirmed until you speak to a NAMI SMC representative*


Thank you for your interest in registering for a NAMI SMC presentation.  Please read the descriptions of the programs below thoroughly before choosing the program you would like to attend. We will contact you within the next couple of days to review your request and about scheduling.

For middle and high school students (and a version for parents and staff).  An interactive presentation that helps teens to learn about the warning signs of mental health conditions as well as what steps they should take to find support for themselves or their friends.  NAMI Ending the Silence includes a young adult living with mental health conditions who shares their journey of recovery.  All will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain understanding of an often misunderstood topic.  Through dialogue, we can help grow the movement to end stigma.

A unique public education program developed by NAMI, in which one of two trained individual speakers share compelling personal stories about living with mental health conditions and achieving recovery.  IOOV is an opportunity for those who have struggled with mental health conditions to gain confidence and to share their individual experiences of recovery and transformation.  Throughout the presentation, audience members are encouraged to offer feedback and ask questions.  A very powerful and impactful presentation that breaks stigma, encourages individuals to speak up and seek help but most importantly that is geared towards hope.

A program devoted to giving individuals an opportunity to learn about mental health conditions through an informative presentation, short video, and personal testimonies that represent a variety of cultures, beliefs, and values.  The goal of this program is to create a multi-generation of culturally diverse individuals that can help address the stigma associated with mental health conditions through education, support and advocacy.  The content of this presentation is adapted to the audience’s reality to meet their specific needs.

Please call us at 650-638-0800 or email us at if you need more information or assistance with our presentation options!  Thank you.