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Can Marijuana Worsen A Mental Illness?

Studies show a connection between mental illness and marijuana use, but it’s one that’s complex. In partnership with The Fresh Toast The use of marijuana has many scientifically proven health benefits. These can be as simple as helping users relax or as complex as...

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Training for Belmont PD gets update.

Action part of larger outreach effort from city officials to public. The Belmont Police Department rolled out updated mental health crisis policies in response to calls from the public for better responses to mental health incidents as part of a Public Safety...

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South City focuses on student mental health.

South San Francisco Unified School District discusses counseling services for community. As the lingering pandemic amplifies the value of mental health services for those feeling the pressure of uniquely challenging times, South San Francisco Unified School District...

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Gov. Newsom signs law to grow mental health coverage.

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law on Friday that for the first time in California defines “medical necessity," a move aimed at requiring private health insurance plans to pay for more mental health and drug addiction treatments. State and federal laws...

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