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Downtown San Jose welcomes first 100% homeless housing project

SAN JOSE — In the latest attempt to tackle the Bay Area’s growing homelessness crisis, city and county officials celebrated a milestone Monday — downtown San Jose’s first housing development dedicated exclusively to taking vulnerable residents off the streets. Villas...

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The Diet That Might Cure Depression

With so many herbal remedies readily available, for example you buy edibles online, many choose this method of dealing with depression. However, several studies show that healthy eating is connected with better mood. At the turn of the 20th century, prominent...

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The Frightening Link Between Beef Jerky and Bipolar Mania

In humans and rats, eating cured meats might induce manic episodes. For people with bipolar disorder, manic episodes can be euphoric, but they can also be terrifying. In the throes of mania, some people feel like they are superhuman. They start new projects and stay...

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NAMI Mourns Fred Frese, Mental Health Champion

7/17/2018 It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that NAMI learned Fred Frese of Hudson, Ohio passed away last night. In recent months, Fred had been in failing health—a devastating demonstration of the toll medical co-morbidities can have on those with mental...

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How Green Spaces May Be Key to Slashing Schizophrenia

Anyone who’s grown up in the country can attest to the soothing power of nature. Clean air, greenery, peace and quiet … those are only some of the many benefits of rural living. Even suburban cul-de-sacs and man-made ponds can be places to clear one’s head and enjoy a...

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