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Depression Tweaks the Brain's Disappointment Circuit

An unusual chemical balancing act helps explain why people with depression attend more closely to negative information Dec 18, 2014 |By Simon Makin People with depression process emotional information more negatively than healthy people. They show increased...

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A Young Man Struggling to Keep Up

The Case of Jason - A Young Man Struggling to Keep Up University of Washington’s AIMS Center JANUARY 2015 Dear NHMH Supporters and Friends! Jason is a 25 year old college graduate who works at a fast-paced technology company. During his first few months at the...

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"My Son's Battle with Bipolar disorder"

"My Son's Battle With Bipolar Disorder" One courageous mom is documenting her child's ordeal to help save him — and educate others. BY ELIZABETH GRIFFIN "My son lost his childhood to mental illness," says photographer Lynne Warberg, who has spent nearly two decades...

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