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Fear Itself: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

ONE night in 2009 Jennifer Hopper and her fiancée, Teresa Butz, woke to find a man standing over them with a knife in his hand. He raped them both and killed Ms Butz with a stab through the heart. Ms Hopper was left with scars from slash wounds to her throat and arms....

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What To Do With California's Mentally Ill Defendants?

By Scott Shafer In 2010, Rodney Bock was arrested for carrying a loaded gun into a restaurant in Yuba City, Calif., north of Sacramento. Bock had severe mental illness and was later found incompetent to stand trial. He was released on bail, but was rearrested after he...

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A Conversion on the Edge of Human Perception

A Conversation on the Edge of Human Perception By Christopher Bollas The Opinion Pages: The Opinionator Lucy wrote to me at my farmstead in North Dakota and asked if I was prepared to psychoanalyze her. She lived on a remote island in a Norwegian fjord. A 55-year-old...

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Something More to Be Hopeful About!

New Mood Disorders Program Aims to Advance Treatments, Erase Stigma $20 Million Gift From Dolby Family Fund Backs Neuroscience ‘Powerhouse’ At UCSF By Pete Farley on November 04, 2015 A gift of $20 million from the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund to the Department of...

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Talk Therapy Found to Ease Schizophrenia

Talk Therapy Found to Ease Schizophrenia By Benedict Carey October 20, 2015 More than two million people in the United States have a diagnosis ofschizophrenia, and the treatment for most of them mainly involves strong doses of antipsychotic drugs that blunt...

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Stop the Madness: Schizophrenia in America

Stop the Madness by Johnathan Cohn There is a miraculous new treatment for schizophrenia that could transform the way we treat mental illness. And then there are the terrible reasons why most medical professionals have never heard of it. In his quiet, modest way,...

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Is Depression Treatable with a Mobile Phone App?

Is Depression Treatable with a Mobile Phone App? The Opinion Pages: Room for Debate Thousands of new mobile phone apps have popped up to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety. Though many claim to employ clinically sound methods, critics say that human interaction...

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