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When Police Violence Encounters Mental Illness

NEARLY 20 years ago, I was a social worker in a county jail where I first began to understand just how frequently the police deal with people with mental illnesses. Run-ins with the police were a regular occurrence for many of my clients, with officers often knowing...

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Have you heard the good news? FOX Sports & NAMI!

FOX Sports Supports Announces Partnership with NAMI Over the next two years, FOX Sports Supports, the charitable branch of FOX Sports, will partner with to raise mental health awarneness across the country. Together with the Positive Coaching Alliance, NAMI was...

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National Council for Behavioral Health reports….

    On Tuesday, House and Senate negotiators released the text of a compromise bill to keep the government funded through fiscal year 2016. The omnibus appropriations bill includes increases to key programs funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health...

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Are Police Too Aggressive With The Mentally Ill?

By Rina Palta of NPR Los Angeles Across the country, officer-involved shootings this year have raised questions about police tactics. In Los Angeles, a third of police shootings involved people deemed in mental distress. Listen to the story. ...

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When a personal tragedy hits home.

Much has changed in the San Francisco Police Department’s approach to mental health crises since the night 14 years ago when Mesha Irizarry got the call that her son, allegedly swinging a knife and suffering from an apparent psychotic episode, had been shot 26 times...

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Fear Itself: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

ONE night in 2009 Jennifer Hopper and her fiancée, Teresa Butz, woke to find a man standing over them with a knife in his hand. He raped them both and killed Ms Butz with a stab through the heart. Ms Hopper was left with scars from slash wounds to her throat and arms....

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