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Why Sitting Up Straight Makes You Feel Better

Sit up straight, a command never far from the lips of mothers just a couple of generations ago, is not something you hear very often today. But depression is something we hear a lot about. Depression affects an extraordinary number of people — roughly nine percent of...

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Palo Alto police to pilot psychiatric-emergency team

Officer and mental health professional will respond to mental health calls The Palo Alto Police Department will soon become the first in Santa Clara County to pair an officer and a mental health professional on the streets in an attempt to bring mental health services...

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Obamacare’s Demise Is a Looming Disaster for Mental Health

LOOK AT A map of states president-elect Donald Trump won in November alongside a map of states with the highest rates of opioid prescriptions, and you’ll see they mostly overlap. Look more closely at the data, as one Penn State professor recently did, and you’ll find...

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NAMI’s Advocacy work is more important than ever!

Mental Health Care For All? It's Your Call A national debate is raging over the future of health care. It’s our job to make sure that mental health remains at the forefront of the conversation on Capitol Hill. The future of healthcare in America is in the hands of our...

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