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How To Talk to Your Kids About Your Mental Health Issues

Anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns experienced by a parent has a profound effect on children. They may absorb the parent’s distress without a word about it. They may be frightened and confused. They make think they are at fault for the parent’s...

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Novato offers support to county for Laura’s Law

The Novato City Council this week threw its support behind implementation of Laura’s Law, a controversial health statute that gives local judges the authority to order severely mentally ill individuals to undergo outpatient treatment. On a 3-2 vote, with councilmen...

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Why Sitting Up Straight Makes You Feel Better

Sit up straight, a command never far from the lips of mothers just a couple of generations ago, is not something you hear very often today. But depression is something we hear a lot about. Depression affects an extraordinary number of people — roughly nine percent of...

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