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Media Alert – Halloween Horrors Results & Thanks!

MEDIA ALERT - NAMI NATIONAL Thank you to everyone who helped fight back against Halloween “haunted asylum” attractions and costumes. There is not enough space to call out individual names, but I want to thank especially NAMI California, NAMI Connecticut, NAMI Florida,...

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Hospital ERs a Mental Health Dumping Ground

Not just the last but the only resort for too many It is no surprise to anyone working in a hospital that emergency departments have become the de facto dumping ground for patients in psychiatric distress. An online survey released this week of 1,716 emergency...

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Maybe We Should Call Psychiatry Something Else

Research shows that changing the name could help reduce the stigma of mental illness When meeting new people, I'm often asked what I do for work. Depending on how I phrase my answer, I receive very different reactions."I'm a doctor specializing in mental health"...

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