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Dr. Bob Cabaj, leader in LGBT mental health issues, dies.

Psychiatrist Robert P. Cabaj, a gay Bay Area man known for his role in advancing LGBT mental health through writing, teaching, and advocacy, died suddenly February 24 after a brief hospitalization. He was 72. The author of many publications on LGBT mental health and...

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County health department developing plan to stanch red ink.

Discussions about Medicare For All and the Affordable Care Act in the presidential debates are highlighting the affordability crisis in health care nationwide. And while some are advocating that the federal government play a larger role in paying for health coverage,...

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Starbucks boosts mental health benefits with new app.

Starbucks employees now have free access to Headspace, an app which provides hundreds of audio sessions and meditations to manage and improve mental health. Headspace is part of a larger Starbucks initiative aimed at supporting the mental health and well-being of its...

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