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Mental Health and Minors: Proceed With Caution!

Imagine representing a party in a lawsuit concerning coverage for mental health services. The lawsuit was brought by the parents of a minor child. The client received a request for production of medical records concerning the child’s mental health treatment. Can the...

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Mayor vows to clear out homeless tent camps

The return of tents in the Mission District has Mayor Mark Farrell promising an “aggressive” crackdown of sidewalk camps next week — and this time he’s vowing to keep them out. “Enough is enough,” Farrell said Friday. “We have offered services time and time again and...

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Beds for mentally ill finally get state’s OK

The 54 beds for severely mentally ill patients have opened at St. Mary’s Medical Center in the Richmond District, six weeks after Mayor Mark Farrell announced the city’s plans to add them. Forty of the beds are reserved for patients in San Francisco’s public health...

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Doctors join chorus against gun violence

Less than two hours after Tuesday’s shooting rampage at YouTube’s San Bruno campus left three people wounded and the shooter dead, Dr. Andre Campbell walked out of the emergency room at San Francisco General Hospital, looking weary and ill-tempered. The shooting...

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The Dramatic Role Nutrition Plays In Treating Mental Illness

It’s no secret that within the pharmaceutical industry lies a blurred line between which prescriptions are helpful to the body and which are harmful, especially when it comes to medications prescribed to those suffering from mental illness. Numerous antidepressants,...

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2 officers cleared in shooting death of mentally ill man

A federal court jury has cleared two San Francisco police officers of wrongdoing for fatally shooting a mentally ill man in his home in December 2010. After hearing conflicting accounts of the officers’ confrontation with Vinh “Tony” Bui at a trial last week, U.S....

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VA tries gene test to treat depression

Kewchang Lee, a psychiatrist who oversees mental health consultations at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, is not used to being studied. But in recent weeks, Lee signed up to be part of a first-of-its-kind experiment that is playing out in 21 VA...

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