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Suicide rates are up 30 percent since 1999, CDC says

Only half of people who died by suicide had diagnosed mental health conditions. Suicide rates are up by 30 percent across the nation since 1999, federal health officials reported Thursday. And only about half the people who died by suicide had a known mental health...

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Opinion: The Crazy Talk About Bringing Back Asylums

When President Trump mused that the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., in February might have been prevented if the United States had more mental institutions, he revived a not-quite-dormant debate: Should the country bring back asylums? Psychiatric...

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Josh Greenfeld — author detailed autistic son’s life

Josh Greenfeld, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter who was also acclaimed for three forthright books about his autistic son, died May 11 in Los Angeles. He was 90. His oldest son, writer Karl Taro Greenfeld, said the cause was pneumonia. In the early 1970s, when people...

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The Largest Health Disparity We Don’t Talk About

Americans with serious mental illnesses die 15 to 30 years younger than those without. Death and Mental Illness Patients with schizophrenia are at a greater risk of dying at any given age than the population at large, and this disparity has been increasing....

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How students who struggle with mental illness can find help

These three high-achieving students at one of the world's most prestigious universities have also suffered crippling depression and been through years of therapy and medication. In the second part of his report, Jeffrey Brown hears how they got help with debilitating...

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Amazon pulls products mocking mental illness

The line between irreverent and hurtful came into play this week as Amazon found itself being called out by a British media outlet for selling products making light of mental health conditions. Amazon pulled some of the offending items after being contacted by British...

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Governor’s Revised Budget Adds $1.1 million to CalABLE

CalABLE is a tax-advantaged savings program for people with disabilities. A CalABLE account allows anyone who became disabled before age 26 to save up to $15,000 a year without having that money count against the $2,000 asset limit for means-tested programs like SSI...

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