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Companies join together to develop workplace culture of understanding around mental illness

ARLINGTON, Va., July 7, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) launched Stigmafree Company, a new initiative that will challenge, highlight and cultivate a company culture of caring and enhanced engagement around mental health. An initial group of seven companies have joined as partners including Coty, EY, FOX Sports, Kenneth Cole Productions, Participant Media, Philosophy, and Wear Your Label.

“Nearly 60 million Americans are affected by mental illness and they often encounter stigma, or invisible barriers to acceptance and understanding, including in the workplace. This is something we need to change, together,” said Mary Giliberti, Chief Executive Officer of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). “NAMI is thrilled to have these seven businesses partner with us as Stigmafree companies and commit to joining us in our fight to end the stigma of mental illness through education, increased awareness and social action.”

Mental health conditions that go untreated can have a huge impact on companies, from decreased employee productivity to lower morale. Eight in ten workers say shame and stigma prevent them from seeking treatment for a mental health condition. In addition, mental illness costs the economy about $200 billion in lost earnings each year. Companies committed to the Stigmafree company partnership are helping reverse these negative effects by creating a caring culture that recognizes mental illness and can better respond.

Stigmafree companies, who embrace the partnership through existing and future activities, include:

  • EY: EY’s programs and services have expanded from generous benefits coverage for treatment through assisting their people and their families with access to care, and on to resources that support awareness, self-education and family and peer support. Interactive learning modules, in-person trainings, website tools, mobile apps, newsletters, support groups and inclusion in wellbeing initiatives are some of the current methods for promoting a stigma-free work environment.
  • Fox Sports Supports: Fox Sports Supports created a PSA for NAMI’s Stigmafree campaign that is and will continue to run across all Fox Sports networks nationally and regionally. They also dove in to this year’s Mental Health Month digitally supporting the campaign via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram via various handles garnering hundreds of thousands of impressions per post as well as creating unique broadcast elements that ran in MLB and NASCAR programming promoting NAMI’s mission.
  • Kenneth Cole Productions:Kenneth Cole Productions is a global company that creates modern, versatile, and functional clothing, shoes, and accessories. For over 30 years, Kenneth Cole has leveraged his passion and unique brand platform seeking to make a meaningful impact on people’s wardrobes, as well as communities in need. Kenneth Cole Productions has always created a supportive work environment that is sensitive to mental health needs. Through the Care24 Employee Assistance Program (EAP), employees can receive free mental health support from qualified specialists. In addition, information sessions about mental health services are held for employees.
  • Participant Media:Participant Media is a leading media company dedicated to entertainment that inspires and compels social change. Participant combines the power of a good story well told with opportunities for viewers to get involved. Participant’s digital hub, TakePart, serves millions of socially conscious people each month with daily articles, videos and opportunities to take action. Participant Media stands strongly behind mental health as a priority social issue and devotes focus on these issues via show runners and talent through film, television, digital and media channels. Most recently, Participant Media lent support for mental health reform and was instrumental in securing petition signatures, visibility and PSAs in support of public policy agenda.
  • philosophyand parent company Coty: As an extension of philosophy’s brand promise, they launched the hope & grace initiative, a commitment to support mental health and wellbeing by contributing 1% of all net USA product sales to effective community-based organizations working to empower women through promotion, prevention and treatment of mental health and wellbeing. Since its inception, the total contribution of the hope & grace fund is nearly 1.8 million dollars to 29 organizations. philosophy also provides opportunities and resources to raise global awareness of mental health issues.
  • Wear Your Label: Each Wear Your Label collection is designed to end the stigma, and remind you that you are not alone in your struggles. 10% of profits are donated to mental health organizations and initiatives. As a fashion brand, they are continuously pushing the boundaries beyond “status quo” in an industry that is notorious for making people’s mental health worse.

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