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About Mental Health

NAMI California is pleased to report that Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed State Budget plans historic new investments in behavioral health programs to meet the needs of all Californians, especially those most vulnerable. These investments are critical to California now, and in the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to continue prioritizing behavioral health investments, by exacerbating the behavioral health needs of all Californians, including youth, communities of color, those who identify as LGBTQ, and other disadvantaged groups in California. Sadly, consistent with national trends, California’s overdose deaths have increased, as has suicidal ideation and hospitalization for self-harming behavior. We appreciate the Governor’s commitment to tackling these harsh realities and other important behavioral health issues. Newsom has been one of NAMI CA’s strongest allies!

Governor Newsom’s proposed California Blueprint consists of:

  • Universal Health Care
  • Continued efforts in the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative
  • Behavioral Health Bridge Housing for thoseexperiencing unsheltered homelessness who have serious behavioral health conditions
  • Behavioral Health Workload Support
  • The budget will add new positions for several critical behavioral health projects in California.
  • Felony Incompetent to Stand Trial Waitlist Solutions
  • Medi-Cal Community-Based Mobile Crisis Services
  • 988 Implementation:
  • NAMI California is a co-sponsor of AB 988, The Miles Hall Lifeline Act, which establishes the “9-8-8” emergency response system for Californians experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Opioid Response

Visit our website for a detailed overview and breakdown of Newsom’s proposed behavioral health initiatives.

Next on the agenda, the Legislature will begin its review of Governor Newsom’s Budget, which will continue through its adoption in July 2022. NAMI California will remain active throughout the budget process and will keep you informed throughout implementation.

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