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Take Action


There are many ways to advocate and only you can define yourself as an advocate. NAMI National maintains an active presence in the U.S. Capitol on priority issues, driven by our board-directed NAMI Public Policy Platform and emerging issues. NAMI also has a strong presence in all 50 states, advocating for state laws, as well as county and local policies and ordinances that will ensure that people get the help they need.  Attend our monthly meetings or check out our newsletter to see current advocacy issues in San Mateo County.

Advocacy Tips: Sharing Your Story

Stories and emotion work best orally

  • Write to or meet with your district supervisor
  • Facts are most powerful in writing- bring fact sheet
  • Fact sheets should be simple and straightforward
  • Follow up with legislative assistants

Practice Writing and Telling an Effective Story

  • Check out NAMI Smarts for Advocacy and learn to share your story in 2 minutes
  • Introduce yourself, tell your personal story
  • Explain the challenge and build the tension
  • Paint a picture and add details
  • Describe the desired outcome
  • Conclude—Make the “Ask”
  • Thank the listener

Lobbying By Personal Visit

  • Visit in small groups—bring constituents when possible
  • Make an appointment
  • Begin on a positive note/be courteous
  • Listen carefully
  • Clearly state your position and what you are asking from the legislator
  • Reinforce meeting with one-page handout
  • Meet with aide if legislator is unavailable

White Papers

Read the NAMI SMC White Paper on Implementation of MHSA(Mental Health Service Act, Prop 63) in San Mateo County to learn more about how NAMI SMC advocates for those with mental illness in San Mateo County.

Contact Information for District Supervisors

David Pine, President, District 1:
(650) 363–4571;

Noelia Corzo, District 2:
(650) 363–4568; 

Ray Mueller, District 3:
(650) 363-4569; 

Warren Slocum, Vice President, District 4:
(650) 363–4570;

David Canepa, District 5:
(650) 263– 4572; 


For more information on contacting your supervisors and to learn more about legislation in your region visit