July 2020 News Listing

Daybreak Health launches online mental health therapy for teens amid the pandemic’s mental health crisis [TechCrunch].

Working with a team of ten trained mental health clinicians, the Y Combinator -backed startup Daybreak Health is working with Bay Area high schools to provide mental health support for teens. Alex Alvarado, Siddarth Cidambi, and Luke Mercado, the three co-founders of Daybreak Health, either worked with startups in the health care industry or consulted on more

5 Things That Truly Helped Us Be There For Our Son’s Mental Illness.

Unlike other illnesses, mental illness has a stigma attached to it, and we as a society are just not that equipped to help those suffering in our midst. Despite the rising cases of depression, anxiety, suicide, and general mental health awareness, we still don’t know how to support those living with mental health conditions. To more