May 2019 News Listing

Jeffrey’s journey: An addict’s trail from street to cell.

He couldn’t escape the easy access to drugs in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. He couldn’t escape prison when he crossed the border into San Mateo County. By Heather Knight | May 24, 2019 The first time I met Jeffrey Choate, he looked close to death. He was passed out on a Larkin Street sidewalk, needles and more

Golden Gate Bridge barrier offers relief.

After seeing model of netting, suicide victims’ families see hope for others. Piece by piece, the net is coming together — a coarse web of steel that will dangle over the side of the Golden Gate Bridge, catching lost and disconsolate souls. Bridge district officials displayed a 300-foot mock-up Thursday, assembled in a construction yard more

Amid Opioid Crisis, Walgreens Adds Mental Health Training For Pharmacists.

Walgreens plans to increase mental health and substance abuse training for hundreds of pharmacists and staff at its drugstores amid the U.S. opioid epidemic. Walgreens has partnered with the National Council for Behavioral Health and the American Pharmacists Association to make training available to Walgreens pharmacy staffers in “mental health first aid,” which those involved say will more