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March 2019 News Listing

Court Rules Giant Insurer Illegally Denied Care to Mental Health, Substance Abuse Patients

In a landmark win for mental health and substance abuse patients, a federal court ruled Tuesday that United Behavioral Health (UBH), a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, used flawed and overly restrictive guidelines in denying mental health and substance use disorder coverage claims for tens of thousands of patients, many of them children. Judge Joseph Spero of the U.S. District more

Laura’s Law works—where it’s been tried.

More than a million Californians suffering from severe mental illness go untreated. Twenty California counties have adopted a 2002 law permitting more assertive care of several mentally ill people. Most report enrollees spend fewer days in jail, psychiatric hospitals, and on the streets, the Virginia-based Treatment Advocacy Center has found. California is “off to a more

Is Your Child An Orchid Or A Dandelion? Unlocking The Science Of Sensitive Kids.

Dr. Thomas Boyce, an emeritus professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, has treated children who seem to be completely unflappable and unfazed by their surroundings — as well as those who are extremely sensitive to their environments. Over the years, he began to liken these two types of children more

Hip offices are part of our mental health crisis, here’s why…

Companies need to introduce systems in place to tackle mental health in the workplace, argues this entrepreneur. “You should take a mental health day.” This suggestion has become the corporate cure-all for employees experiencing burnout–which as research shows, has hit epidemic levels in America. Given our obsession with work and performance in this country  I more