October 2018 News Listing

What’s Life Like After Depression? Surprisingly, Little Is Known

Most research on depression focuses on the afflicted, a new paper argues, overlooking a potentially informative group: people who have recovered. A generation ago, depression was viewed as an unwanted guest: a gloomy presence that might appear in the wake of a loss or a grave disappointment and was slow to find the door. The more

A simpler, better way to diagnose mental illness

Patterns of speech may be telltales of particular symptoms DIAGNOSING MENTAL illness is difficult. Giving broad names such as “schizophrenia” and “bipolar disorder” to particular sets of symptoms helps psychiatrists and patients discuss and treat what is going on, but many traits are symptomatic of more than one such named condition, giving plenty of scope more

FDA Recognizes Psilocybin As ‘Breakthrough Therapy’ for Depression

The designation could be a prelude to approving the forbidden psychedelic drug as a medicine. The only reference to psilocybin on the Food and Drug Administration’s website appears in the agency’s Bad Bug Book: Handbook of Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins, where the psychedelic compound is described as a “neurotoxin” found in mushrooms. But more

NAMI California Proudly Supports Proposition 2

NAMI California is proud to announce that we are in support of Proposition 2 and the No Place Like Home Program to help provide housing for individuals with mental illness. We are in support of this proposition which provides critical services to Californians who are experiencing homelessness and living with a severe mental illness. However, more

Mental health parity remains a challenge 10 years after landmark law

This week marks 10 years since the landmark bill, Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, was signed into law, signifying one of the single biggest achievements over the past decade in the fight to expand access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment services. While some viewed the legislation at the time as more

Prison Psychiatry Chief Accuses California of Misleading Court on Mental Health Care

The chief psychiatrist for California’s prison system is accusing state officials of providing inaccurate and misleading data to a federal court and to lawyers for prison inmates fighting to improve psychiatric care inside state prisons, according to court documents. Dr. Michael Golding compiled a “lengthy, detailed report” that inmate attorneys say contains “serious allegations” that more

SF Mayor Breed wants quick action on conserving mentally ill, addicted.

San Francisco got permission from the state Thursday to implement an expanded conservatorship system that supporters say will give the city more tools to treat the mentally ill and addicted people adrift on the city’s streets. Mayor London Breed said she wants to move quickly to implement a plan. With Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature on more