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April 2018 News Listing

Tax-funded mental health programs are not always easy to find

Back in 2008, Mary Hogden was homeless, living on the streets of Berkeley. “I got beat up really badly out there,” says Hogden, 62. “It’s not a safe place for women.” She landed in the hospital and then in a boarding home for adults with mental illness. But her big break came when she started more

On San Francisco More talk, less action on helping mentally ill

Just three blocks from City Hall — that gorgeous, gold-plated building where politicians are deciding how to spend more than $10 billion next fiscal year — sits a shooting gallery in broad daylight. Every day, dozens of injection drug users wearing tattered clothes and dazed expressions slump against the walls of the huge PG&E Mission more

Mental Health and Minors: Proceed With Caution!

Imagine representing a party in a lawsuit concerning coverage for mental health services. The lawsuit was brought by the parents of a minor child. The client received a request for production of medical records concerning the child’s mental health treatment. Can the client produce the records? In short: it depends. The path to the correct answer more

Mayor vows to clear out homeless tent camps

The return of tents in the Mission District has Mayor Mark Farrell promising an “aggressive” crackdown of sidewalk camps next week — and this time he’s vowing to keep them out. “Enough is enough,” Farrell said Friday. “We have offered services time and time again and gotten many off the street, but there is a more

Beds for mentally ill finally get state’s OK

The 54 beds for severely mentally ill patients have opened at St. Mary’s Medical Center in the Richmond District, six weeks after Mayor Mark Farrell announced the city’s plans to add them. Forty of the beds are reserved for patients in San Francisco’s public health system, including some that may be homeless. The 14 others more

Studies: LGBTQ youths have higher rates of mental health issues, abuse

Transgender youths experience anxiety, depression and attention-deficit disorders at higher rates than their peers, according to a new study. The study is one of three released today in Pediatrics that explore the types of adversity that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) adolescents face. Previous studies have found high prevalence of mental health issues more

Doctors join chorus against gun violence

Less than two hours after Tuesday’s shooting rampage at YouTube’s San Bruno campus left three people wounded and the shooter dead, Dr. Andre Campbell walked out of the emergency room at San Francisco General Hospital, looking weary and ill-tempered. The shooting victims, a man and two women, had arrived at his hospital, the closest trauma more

The Dramatic Role Nutrition Plays In Treating Mental Illness

It’s no secret that within the pharmaceutical industry lies a blurred line between which prescriptions are helpful to the body and which are harmful, especially when it comes to medications prescribed to those suffering from mental illness. Numerous antidepressants, including Prozac, have been shown to worsen depression and suicidal thoughts in many cases, and ADHD prescriptions are routinely given more