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January 2017 News Listing

Why Sitting Up Straight Makes You Feel Better

Sit up straight, a command never far from the lips of mothers just a couple of generations ago, is not something you hear very often today. But depression is something we hear a lot about. Depression affects an extraordinary number of people — roughly nine percent of people in the UK suffer from combined anxiety more

Blocking Overactive Enzyme Could Treat Symptoms of Schizophrenia

New research suggests that cognitive and behavioral symptoms of schizophrenia may stem at least in part from elevated levels of an enzyme called STEP, which is also thought to be overactive in the brains of people with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Experiments in cells collected from patients and in animals suggest that blocking the more

Armed man having mental health crisis prompts San Mateo police response

SAN MATEO, Calif. — A 64-year-old man who was in a “mental health crisis” prompted a police response Friday morning when he armed himself with a gun at a San Mateo home, according to police. At noon, San Mateo police announced that the incident had been safely resolved and provided details about the perimeter that more

Laura’s Law making a difference for SF’s mentally ill homeless

San Francisco’s politicians spend a lot of time arguing about what to do about the city’s homeless problem, but not a lot of time evaluating after the fact whether their ideas actually worked. Remember the big fights over banning sitting or lying on sidewalks and aggressive panhandling? Those measures arguably didn’t do much, but the more

Palo Alto police to pilot psychiatric-emergency team

Officer and mental health professional will respond to mental health calls The Palo Alto Police Department will soon become the first in Santa Clara County to pair an officer and a mental health professional on the streets in an attempt to bring mental health services to persons in need and keep them out of jail. more

Use disabilities law to avoid violent confrontations with mentally disabled people

Mental health advocates are worried that President-elect Donald Trump will undermine disability rights. Civil justice advocates fear that his nominee for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., will unravel the Department of Justice’s power to police the police. These two domains converge on how law enforcement handles people such as Sean Moore, a 42-year-old man more

Obamacare’s Demise Is a Looming Disaster for Mental Health

LOOK AT A map of states president-elect Donald Trump won in November alongside a map of states with the highest rates of opioid prescriptions, and you’ll see they mostly overlap. Look more closely at the data, as one Penn State professor recently did, and you’ll find that Trump outperformed his Republican predecessor Mitt Romney the more

NAMI’s Advocacy work is more important than ever!

Mental Health Care For All? It’s Your Call A national debate is raging over the future of health care. It’s our job to make sure that mental health remains at the forefront of the conversation on Capitol Hill. The future of healthcare in America is in the hands of our elected officials. That’s why NAMI more

SF police see progress in dealing with people in mental crisis

The San Francisco police hostage crisis negotiation team responded to more calls in 2016 than in any year in recent history, an uptick that officials see as a sign that the department is moving in the right direction in dealing with people suffering from mental health crises. Officers, who volunteer to be on the team, more

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