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March 2018 News Listing

California’s Tax On Millionaires Yields Big Benefits For People With Mental Illness, Study Finds

A statewide tax on the wealthy has significantly boosted mental health programs in California’s largest county, helping to reduce homelessness, incarceration and hospitalization, according to a report released Tuesday. Revenue from the tax, the result of a statewide initiative passed in 2004, also expanded access to therapy and case management to almost 130,000 people up more

Gunman who shot and killed veterans’ workers served in Afghanistan

YOUNTVILLE — The gunman suspected of killing three veterans’ workers and himself Friday had served a year in Afghanistan and had been awarded for his combat service, an Army spokeswoman said Saturday. Described as, “one of our heroes who clearly had demons,” Albert Cheung Wong was being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder at the Yountville more

For mentally ill homeless patients, new center offers 54 beds and a dose of hope

Few things are more appalling to anyone on San Francisco’s streets than being incoherently ranted at by agitated, psychologically unhinged homeless people. And few things are more appalling, somewhere deep inside those unfortunate human beings, than to be so trapped in the grip of mental illness that their self-awareness is destroyed. On Monday, city officials more