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October 2016 News Listing

MEDIA ALERT – NAMI NATIONAL Thank you to everyone who helped fight back against Halloween “haunted asylum” attractions and costumes. There is not enough space to call out individual names, but I want to thank especially NAMI California, NAMI Connecticut, NAMI Florida, NAMI Massachusetts, NAMI Missouri, NAMI New Jersey, and NAMI Ohio and NAMI South more

Not just the last but the only resort for too many It is no surprise to anyone working in a hospital that emergency departments have become the de facto dumping ground for patients in psychiatric distress. An online survey released this week of 1,716 emergency physicians from across the nation paints a grim scene of more

Research shows that changing the name could help reduce the stigma of mental illness When meeting new people, I’m often asked what I do for work. Depending on how I phrase my answer, I receive very different reactions.”I’m a doctor specializing in mental health” elicits fascination. People’s faces brighten and they say, “Very cool!” But If I more

Police officers entered into a standoff with a man carrying a gun in downtown San Francisco in July. Good morning. (Want to get California Today by email? Here’s the sign-up.) When the police confront someone in a crisis, an officer’s choice of words can make the difference between a peaceful resolution and a turn to more

There’s a reason adults don’t pick up Japanese or learn how to kite surf. It’s ridiculously hard. In stark contrast, young people can learn the most difficult things relatively easily. Polynomials, Chinese, skateboarding — no problem! Neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to form new neural connections and be influenced by the environment — is greatest more

Tracking athletes’ performances could shed light on psychological conditions that are notoriously difficult to quantify. Faced with a crippling depression, Olympic swimmer Allison Schmitt would wake every morning wanting nothing more than to go back to bed. “I was failing every time I dove into the pool,” she told Today in August. A years-long battle more

Mental illness and addiction touches nearly everyone but they’re not generally topics of discussion at the water cooler. Tuesday, however, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Native Americans and others joined together with officials with the county’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services to bring attention to the issue and offer prayers for recovery at the County Center more